Ironcreek Lone Duck’s Queen of the Hunt

Available to only the BEST home – $1000

Whelped: January 17, 2019

Sheba’s genetic testing (Link to Paw Print Genetics)

Sheba is clear on both the lab essential panel as well as the lab supplemental panel. 

She is non-dilute

Sheba’s pedigree (Link to Her pedigree is heavily weighted with Field Champions.

We love our fox red labs however our 3 grown sons grew up with black lab mixes and pushed us to get just one black dog to make life complete.  A trainer friend came to the rescue with a litter of black puppies with an excellent Field Champions pedigree and the rest is history!  Sheba is a tall American Field lab with an amazing shine to her coat.  She loves to cuddle and retrieve and play outside.

Love that coat sheen she always has.

Sheba LOVES to play outside