Ironcreek Sir Sulleth of Torgs, JH


Whelped: November 20, 2017

Weight:  75lbs

Achievements:   AKC Junior Hunter Title

Sully is a typical laid back lab who loves other dogs and all people he encounters as well as belly rubs and treats.  He is of superior intelligence and is excellent at marking birds/bumpers and tends to be a thinker at times.  He LOVES to swim and gets into bodies of water whenever he can.

Sully’s Hip & Elbow & Eye Exam Results (Link to OFA)

OFA Hip Cert:  LR-244386G24M-VPI   OFA Elbows Cert: LR-EL93472M24-VPI

Sully’s Genetic Testing (Link to Paw Print Genetics)

Sully is clear on all of the Labrador Retriever essential panel as well as the

Labrador Retriever supplemental panel. 

He is non-dilute and is yellow with hidden black (eeBB, which means he can sire yellow or black puppies).


Pedigree of “Ironcreek Sir Sulleth of Torgs JH”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE: HRCH Torg’s Hunting Memories MH (Ylw)
FC AFC Gunstock’s Topshelf Snap Decision ( YLW )
Hips: LR-188655G26M-VPI (Good)
Elbows: LR-EL48082M26-VPI (Normal)
Eyes: LR-EYE6693/83M-VPI (Normal)
CNM: (Clear)
EIC: (Clear)
FC AFC Hunting Hills Coriander (Ylw)
Cougars Goin for Alleyoopmgp QAA MH (Ylw)
Muddy Water Amazing Grace (Ylw) FC AFC CAFC Money Talks II (Ylw)
White Oak’s BC Jenny (Blk)
DAM: Torgs Zing Zang Zoey Torg’s Erik the Red MH (Ylw) ’04 NFC FC AFC HR Dewey’s Drake of Moon Rivers JH (Ylw)
Torg’s Chantily Lace JH (Ylw)
Torg’s Red Hot Firecracker (Ylw) UH HRCH Treddolphin Blazing Red SH (Ylw)
CP SHR Emerald Royal Flush JH (Ylw)


Sully at about 9 weeks old

Sully June 2018 (about 7 months old). He loves to ride in the car even now!

Sully Jan 2021 a day in the field making retrieves. He looks chunkier than he is due to angle and shadows.

All sprawled out, one of Sully’s favorite positions to relax in

Sully retrieving a pheasant

Sully at the beach

Sully at the beach

Sully at the beach (3 years old)

Sully with his daughter (Ember & Sully litter)

BELOW are pics of Sully’s parents

Sully’s father, Tanner

Sully’s mother, Zoey