Ironcreek Leaves Them in the Dust


Whelped: April 19, 2019

Dusty is a chocolate ENGLISH AKC registered lab male we found by chance when buying some farm equipment.  They had 5 month old Dusty in a rabbit cage and we couldn’t bear to leave him behind.  He is smart and a faithful companion.  He loves to go to work with Will and ride around in the car.  Because of his early upbringing before coming home to us Dusty can be shy around strangers.  Dusty is an EIC carrier so is only bred with EIC clear females.

Dusty’s genetic testing results (Link to Paw Print Genetics website)

Dusty is non-dilute (meaning no hidden silver genes) and is an EIC carrier (he will only be bred to EIC clear females).  He is clear on all other items in testing, as reflected in link above.

Dusty’s Hips & Elbows Results (Link to OFA website)

Hips are LR-258841G31M-VPI (good) & Elbows are LR-EL106898M31-VPI (normal)