Male puppy from Star and Sully litter 2021

Female from Sheba & Sully litter 2021

Puppy from Star and Sully litter



Black male

Red male is the largest and you can tell in this pic cause he hardly fits in the wagon!




White collar female passed out while playing hard

Ember & Sully first litter of puppies

Dec 3, 2020

Royal blue male

All the puppies sleeping on their new beloved dog bed


Lavender Girl learning to sit up Nov 11 2020

White collar female sleeping through the chaos with Orange collar female shaking her booty in the background

Black collar male is so photogenic

Yellow collar female has the cutest stipe on her nose

Black collar male enjoying sibling snuggles

Orange male loves to sleep on his back just like his dad

Learning to eat solids

Royal blue male fell asleep 💤 in his beloved bowl